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Originally from Latin America but based in Birmingham (UK), Mauricio Reyes is the founder of Latin Motion, the biggest salsa outfit in the Midlands since it was established in the early 1990's. Mauricio has been dancing and listening to salsa all of his life and has been teaching salsa dance since the tender age of 17. As a DJ he is guaranteed to read the crowd, spinning a broad range of top salsa, from NY to LA, Colombian to Cuban, etc. SALSA pa' bailar - dura pero sabrosa! Mauricio has been DJ-ing since 1994, playing and teaching regularly all over the Midlands, the UK and abroad. He is a regular DJ at some of the UKs biggest salsa events, and has been awarded 'Top UK Salsa DJ', 'Top Regional Promoters' & 'Services to Salsa' awards at the 2003 congresses. As a dedicated salsa DJ, dance instructor and promoter for well over a decade, Mauricio’s work within the UK salsa scene has been extensive. He has introduced & inspired a huge number of people to Salsa, including many other Salsa dance teachers in and around Birmingham.

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Dance Classes :
On1 cross-body Partnerwork (Beginners / Improvers / Intermediates / Advance)
Cuban Style Partnerwork (Beginners / Improvers / Intermediates)
Intro to Cuban Style for Cross-body dancers
Intro to Salsa Music, Rhythm & Timing (essential for all levels, all styles)
Leading & Following Technique
Bachata (all levels)
Merengue (all levels)
Intro to Rueda
Intro to Cha Cha
Intro to On2 Mambo

Previous gigs:
CubanSalsaCongress @ Pavillion, Bournemouth www
GBSEx @ Manchester Town Hall, Manchester (2008) www
London Congress (April / May 2004, 2009) www.mambocity.co.uk
Salsa-UK Congress
, Bournemouth (2007) www.salsa-uk.com
Salsa-UK Congress
, Bognor Regis (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006) www.salsa-uk.com
Irish Salsa Congress, Dublin (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009) www.irishsalsacongress.com
BritSalsaFest, Blackpool (2006, 2007) www.britsalsafest.com

LatinVillage @ Halfweg / Amsterdam, Holland (2007) www.latinvillage.nl

Berlin congress (September 2003) www.salsafestival-berlin.de
British congress (2002, 2003) www.seriouslysalsa.co.uk
Salsa-UK EU Slam, London (March 05) www.salsa-uk.com
Scalalatina Aug Bank Holiday All-nighter, London (Aug 2004)
Latin Splash
, London (2003, 2004) www.latinsplash.com
Latin American Festival, B'ham (July 2004) www.abslatin.co.uk

Plus many more such as:
> Latin Motion @ all venues, Birmingham www.latinmotion.co.uk
> SALSABRAVA special @ Bel Air, Belfry, SuttonColdfield, B'ham latinmotion.co.uk
> Eagle Activities @ Mayorca, Spain www.eagleactivities.co.uk
> B'HAM SALSA SPECIAL @ Bournbrook Social Club, B'ham latinmotion.co.uk
> Latin Dance Festival in Teesside @ Student Union, Teesside www
> Havana @ Havana, St Albans www.havanastalbans.co.uk
> SALSA SUNDAY SCHOOL @ Jongelurs, B'ham latinmotion.co.uk
> SalSeduce @ Beyond Bar, Newcastle www.salseduce.co.uk
> LIVE Salsa Special @ The Jam House, B'ham www.thejamhouse.com
> SalsaDelSol @ Double Barrel, Cheltenham www.salsadelsol.co.uk
> SalsaBristol @ Fry's Club, Bristol www.salsabristol.co.uk
> MIDLAND SALSA SPECIAL @ Colliery Club, Coventry www
> Salsatheque @ Town Centre, Berkhamstead www.salsatheque.com
> SalsaSiempre Weekender @ Riviera Hotel, Dorset salsasiempre.co.uk
> SalsaSabrosa @ The Ranch, Bristol www.salsasabrosa.co.uk
> SalsaFest Weekender @ Victoria Hotel, Torquay www.latinfest.co.uk
> SalsaSPICE @ SpiceBuffet, B'ham latinmotion.co.uk
> SalsaKingdom Weekender @ Southport salsakingdom.co.uk
> SalsaEstrellas @ Chrysalis, Milton Keynes www.salsaestrellas.com
> RedHotRed Salsa @ Spirella Building, Letchworth www.redhotred.co.uk
> Salsa-Sensation @ Dance Junction, Kent www.salsa-sensation.com
> CubanSalsaCongress @ Pavillion, Bournemouth www
> SalsaBrava Special @ St Marys & Johns Club, B'ham latinmotion.co.uk
> SalsaMish @ Esporta, Hemel Hempstead www.salsamish.co.uk
> RhythmsDelMundo launch party @ The Tabernacle, London www
> KentSalsaFestival @ Hop Farm, Kent thekentsalsafestival.co.uk
> BurningSalsa @ Grand Atlantic Hotel, Weston Super Mare www
> Rumberos @ The Wardrobe, Leeds www.thewardrobe.co.uk
> LatinoBeat @ Loft Bar, Bournemouth www.latinobeat.co.uk
> HotSalsa Party Central @ Club19, Trent Park, London www.hotsalsa.co.uk
Salsa 'In da Club' @ Supermarine, Swindon www.salsaswindon.com
The Conga Club @ High Wycombe www.strictlysalsa.uk.com
Mambocity Congress @ Radisson Edwardian, London www.mambocity.co.uk
Salsahols @ Santa Susana, Barcelona www.salsahols.com
Planet Salsa Int. Weekender @ DanceJunction, Kent planet-salsa.co.uk
Eagle Activities @ Barcelona, Spain www.eagleactivities.co.uk
LatinMotion WEDNESDAY Launch @ SpiceBuffet, B'ham latinmotion.co.uk
SalsaSiempre @ The Corn Exchange, Dorchester salsasiempre.co.uk
LaXpresionLatina @ Quid Pro Quo, Leeds www.laxpresionlatina.com
SalsaFactory @ WodsonPark, Ware www.salsafactory.co.uk
Leeds Salsa Weekender @ Alea, Leeds www.latinxces.com
Latino Royal (Ball) @ The Regal, Oxford www.oxfordsalsasociety.co.uk
RedhatSalsa @ Latinos, Henley www.redhatsalsa.com
Salsatheque @ Addison Centre, Kempston www.salsaestrellas.co.uk
SalsaMontuno-uk @ Warmley Community Centre, Bristol
UK Cuban Salsa Festival @ Opera House, Bournemouth salsafest.co.uk
Salsa-Amor @ The Black Swan, Newcastle www.salsanewcastle.co.uk
Keele Salsa Soc @ K2 nightclub, Students Union, Keele Uni, Keele
SalsaTechnicians @ Jesters, Bristol www.eldj.co.uk
SalsaBrava VALENTINES Special @ St Mary's & St John's, B'ham www
SalsaNight @ El Rincon Latino, Liverpool www.allthingslatin.co.uk
Salseros @ Claverton Rooms, Bath www.salseros.co.uk
Salsa Soc Classes @ Bath Uni, Bath www.salseros.biz
12th Night Salsa Extravaganza @ York Uni, York www.salsayork.com
Salsa & Fitness United @ Llandrindod Wells, Wales ufdance.co.uk
StaffordSalsa @ Perkins Engines Social Club, Stafford staffordsalsa.co.uk
AbsoluteSalsa @ Rollerworld, Derby www.absolutesalsa.co.uk
SalsaBrava @ Pitcher&Piano, Taunton www.pitcherandpiano.com
Unannounced.net @ Colbury Memorial Hall. Southampton www
RedHotRed @ Woughton Leisure Centre, Milton Keynes www
LatinMotion's Boxing Day Special @ Jongleurs, B'ham www.latinmotion.co.uk
LatinMotion's NYE SALSA BASH @ The Colliery Club, Coventry www.latinmotion.co.uk
Mambocity @ Radisson Edwardian, London www.mambocity.co.uk
SalsaSabrosa @ Oceana, Bristol www.salsasabrosa.co.uk
GBSEx @ Manchester Town Hall, Manchester www
Eagle Activities @ Majorca, Spain www.eagleactivities.co.uk
SalsaNight @ RLS Polo Club, Leamington Spa www.salsanight.co.uk
Clave Club @ Cowley Conservative Club, Oxford www.salsaoxford.com
Salsa at Mullingar @ Mullingar, Ireland
Salsa del Este @ The Burgess Hall, Cambridge www.puresalsa.co.uk
Eagle Activities @ Florence, Italy www.eagleactivities.co.uk
SalsaKingdom @ Park Hall Camelot, Lancashire www.salsakingdom.co.uk
Artsfest @ Centenary Sq, Birmingham www.artsfest.org.uk
SalsaNorthWest @ Next Generation Club, Chorley www.salsanorthwest.co.uk
LaXpresionLatina @ The Lounge, Doncaster www.laxpresionlatina.com
Sunset Salsa @ The Arc, Stockton www.arconline.co.uk
MamboCity's SalsaSplash @ Hayling Island www.mambocity.co.uk
SuavementeSalsa @ Dublin www.suavementesalsa.com
Breakthrough Cancer Charity Party @ Remix, Hitchin salsamachine.co.uk
Dancing NorthEast @ The Premier Inn, Newcastle dancingnortheast.co.uk
SalsaLounge @ Hotel Arena, Amsterdam www.salsalounge.nl
La33 & AlexWilson LatinMotion SALSA All-dayer @ Jongleurs, B'ham latinmotion.co.uk
The Salsa Works @ The Engine Shed, York www.salsayork.com
SalsaBrava Special @ St Anne's, Birmingham www.latinmotion.co.uk
IOW Salsa & Tango Weekend @ Isle of White www.gosalsa.net
Woolacombe Salsa Weekender @ North Devon www.elgroove.com
AbsoluteSalsa @ Rollerworld, Derby www.absolutesalsa.co.uk
Havana Rakatan @ B'ham Hippodrome, Birmingham www.idfb.co.uk
Salsahols @ Barcelona, Valencia, CapNegret www.salsahols.co.uk
Eagle Activities @ Prague, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Girona, RIO salsatours.co.uk
Salsa at Sunset @ The Mailbox, Birmingham www.idfb.co.uk
SalsaNightFever @ HalfTimeOrange, Leicester www.salsanightfever.co.uk
SalsaBrava Weekender @ St Anne's, B'ham latinmotion.co.uk
LatinFestivalParadise @ Carrington House, Bournemouth www.latinobeat.co.uk
RedHotRed Salsa @ Woburn Village Hall, Woburn www.redhotredsalsa.co.uk
Westport Salsa Weekender @ Ireland www.afrimania.com
SalsaEstrellas @ OPUS night club, Milton Keynes www.salsaestrellas.co.uk
SalsaDelSol @ Blush, Cheltenham www.salsadelsol.co.uk
Dance Asylum @ Park Avenue Hotel, Belfast www.nusalsa.com
Xmas Salsa Ball @ Heythrop Park, Oxfordshire www.salsanight.co.uk
and123 @ The Town Hall, Berkhamsted www.and123.co.uk
Xmas Salsa Party @ David Lloyds, Cardiff
LatinNight @ Warwick Uni, Coventry www.sunion.warwick.ac.uk
Saturday Salsa @ The Canley Club, Coventry www.salsadelic.com
SalsaConexion @ KOKO's nightclub, Leamington Spa.
Salsa del Este @ Chilford Hall, Cambridge www.puresalsa.co.uk
SalsaNorthWest @ Longbridge Civic Hall, Preston www.salsanorthwest.co.uk
Salsa by Sea @ Redcar Bowl, Cleveland www.haveaheartsalsa.info
Che @ Che Bar, Manchester www.chemanchester.co.uk
Artsfest @ Centenary Sq, Brindleyplace Stage, Birmingham www.artsfest.org.uk
Salsamania @ Jongleurs, Holiday Inn, Fiesta Havana, O'Neall's & Toad, Bristol www.salsamania.biz
Salsa Ball @ Heythrop Park, Oxfordshire www.salsanight.co.uk
RedhatSalsa @ Jongleurs, Reading www.redhatsalsa.com
Salsa Republic @ Colosseum, London www.salsarepublic.co.uk
SalsaNation @ Hackney Central, London www.salsanation.co.uk
FunkySalsa @ Northgate Arena, Chester www.funkysalsa.co.uk
LatinoBeat @ Tralee Hotel, Bournemouth www.latinobeat.co.uk
RitmoLatino @ Camelot's, Doncaster www.shortal.com/ritmolatino
SALSA 4 Willen @ Wilton Town Hall, Milton Keynes www.randbsalsa.co.uk
BurningSalsa @ The Ritz, Burnham on Sea www.burningsalsa.com
Taster Workshop @ the Birmingham REP, Birmingham www.birmingham-rep.co.uk
@ The Atrium, Leeds
12th Night Salsa Extravaganza @ St. John's College, York www.salsayork.com
SalsaParaMi @ Joshua's Bar, Telford www.salsaparami.com
Salsa Party @ Electricity S&W Club, Cardiff
NYE SALSA BASH Weekend @ St Anne's, Birmingham www.latinmotion.co.uk
Eagle Activities
@ Rio De Janeiro, Brazil www.eagleactivities.co.uk
Guernsey Salsa Weekender @ Guernsey www.salsa.org.gg
Club Candela @ The Lion Hotel, Shrewsbury www.clubcandela.co.uk
SalsaEstrellas @ Bedford, Milton Keynes & Northampton www.salsaestrellas.co.uk
Salsa Grande @ Custom House Square, Belfast www.salsa-ni.com
JustLatinSalsa @ Bossa Nova, Worcester www.justlatinsalsa.com
Bradford all-dayer @ Midland Hotel, Bradford www.latinxces.com
R&B Salsa @ the Point, Milton Keynes www.randbsalsa.co.uk
Salsa @ Poveys, Southampton www.unannounced.net
Salsafest @ The Old Fire Station, Bournmouth www.salsafest.co.uk
TowerInferno @ Blackpool Tower, Blackpool www.blackpooltower.co.uk
CasaUrbana @ Copacabana, Manchester
B'ham Salsa Special @ Digress, B'ham www.latinmotion.co.uk
Sunday Salsa @ G2 Bar, Birmingham www.gemstwo.co.uk
Salsa in Stratford @ Cox's Yard, Stratford www.coxsyard.co.uk
Salsology @ The Longfield Suite, Manchester www.salsology.com
Valentines Salsa Ball @ Edinburgh www.salsaholics.co.uk
Salsa-Jazz @ TigerTiger, Newcastle www.salsa-jazz.co.uk
JustLatinSalsa @ Evesham WM Club, Evesham www.justlatinsalsa.com
Bristol Big Latin Night Out @ Union Building, Bristol www.bristoldance.biz
Bristol Dance Festival @ Bristol www.bristoldance.biz
MosoLatino @ MosoMoso, Manchester www.mosomoso.co.uk
Burning Salsa @ the Ritz, Burnham-on-sea
Fuego Latino's Salsamatazz @ Bar Med, Leeds
SalsaDanceCraze @ LongIsland, London salsadancecraze.co.uk
ClubCubana @ Pontins, Blackpool www.clubcubana.com
Salsa Break Out @ Goddard Arms Hotel, Swindon www.dancematrix.com
Easter Sunday Special @ Jongleurs, Nottingham
Salsa @ the NOVA centre, Prestatyn
SalsaSouthwest @ The Grosvenor, Torquay www.salsa4.com
AbsoluteSalsa @ Alton Towers www.absolutesalsa.co.uk
Salsa Tamworth @ Kube, Tamworth www.kube-nightclub.co.uk
OnSalsa @ Arena, Oxford www.onsalsa.com
Casa Latina @ The Faversham, Leeds www.thefaversham.co.uk
Encuentro Latino @ The Gallery, York www.encuentrolatino.co.uk
Salsa in the Caribbean @ St. Kitts www.thelatinquarteruk.com
AbsoluteSalsa @ Asterdale Club, Derby www.absolutesalsa.co.uk
El Barrio L@ino @ Homarus, Leeds www.homarus.co.uk
Salsa in Jersey @ Metropole Hotel, Jersey www.salsa4.com
Latin Crew @ Dancers, Preston
Salsa in the Park @ Philips Park Hall, Manchester www.seriouslysalsa.co.uk
SOS @ Mary Ward House, London www.2mambo.com www.salsalife.co.uk
Latin8 @ SCALA, London
SiempreSalsa @ Bar Med, Beaconsfield www.siempresalsa.co.uk
Salseros @ Sulis, Bath www.bath.ac.uk/~su7salsa/
Desertbeat @ The Airport Hotel, Dubai www.desertbeat.com
Mambocity @ Camden Centre & Tudor Rose, London www.mambocity.co.uk
Salsa-UK @ Hammersmith Town Hall & Croydon, London www.salsa-uk.com
Salsa International @ Radissons Hotel, Manchester www.seriouslysalsa.co.uk
Casa Latina @ The Wardrobe, Leeds
SalsaJam @ TigerTiger / Custard Factory, Birmingham www.latinmotion.co.uk
ClubLatino @ Birmingham University & University of Central England
One World @ Warwick University
UNISEF Party @ Sheraton Hotel, London

please visit our home page at www.latinmotion.co.uk for more info
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